Spring Skiing Thaws Winter Doldrums

As the songbirds return to the mountains, it is natural as the changing seasons to wonder if there’s still time to get another ski trip in this season! Over the past few years, I’ve personally decided that late spring is actually my favorite time to travel. Here are a number of reasons why I am one powder bird that prefers to fly in spring:

1) Crowds are often lower in late March–April than they are for most of the rest of the season.

2) DEALS! Who can beat a deal? Book now for Spring travel and you gain two benefits: last minute discounts and low season rates.

3) On sunny days, expect the snow base to firm up overnight, since nights are usually still below freezing in the mountains into April. Daytime sunshine turns that would-be-hard-pack to a nice soft base by around 10 a.m. Translation: this party train can hit the town all night and not worry about sleeping in past the opening of the lifts at 9 a.m.! Of course, you should bring a friend or two that can wake you up on powder days — it’s not unheard of to need reinforcements to help one revive after taking in the local nightlife.

4) Thanks to those same sunny days, you’ll need layers of sunblock and sunglasses, not layers of Gore-tex and wool!

5) There are a number of fun activities geared towards shaking off that cabin fever while still enjoying our alpine heritage! This include events and locales like:

  1. A wacky and wet spring rite of passage held at many ski resorts: the pond skimming competition. What other time of year can you combine alpine- and water-skiing?
  2. The Hi Camp @ Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe California – perhaps my favorite Spring ski locale; you can ride the tram up to Hi Camp where you can ski, swim, soak, and sun bathe on the mountain-tops over Lake Tahoe. They’ve even got poolside grub, DJs, and drinks. Hi Camp doesn’t open till early March, so if you wanna ski to your pool party, you’ve got to go in the spring!
  3. Springtime is concert time; as the temperatures heat up, so do the free activities€¦let us know if we can help you plan your activities on and off the mountain.

With over a 70-inch base at most Rocky Mountain ski resorts, there’s still plenty of reason to celebrate the sunshine this Spring in the west. If the upcoming end of our ski season has you wishing for more cold fronts, don’t forget: Endless Winter fans will be planning their trips now for Portillo, Valle Nevado, and Termas de Chillan for summer turns in South America. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you celebrate the rites of spring.

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  1. Jeremy Griggs says:

    Great post Kai. I also love spring skiing – the warmer weather, softer snow, blue skies and lesser crowds make for a good time on the mountain in March and April. The hi camp at Lake Tahoe sounds awesome! I’d love to get out there some year and take that in.

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