Sunday Powder at Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Mountain Resort

Super-G Start

Woke up in Beaver Creek Sunday April 3rd to overcast skies. The weather report said the snow was coming but it did not arrive over night. We checked out of Highlands Westview and moved over to St. James Place in the Village to settle in for the week. Around this time it started to rain a little in the base area. I kept checking and soon it changed over to snow. It quickly turned into big flakes that were falling at a rate of well over an inch and hour. I continued milling around the condo waiting for the new snow to accumulate enough to cover the hardpack the formed overnight. After two hours of heavy snow falling it was time to get dressed and head out. Mark from work rallied with me and we headed to the Centennial Lift to meet Jeremy Jacobsen from Lake Tahoe.

As we upoaded the mountain we could tell the snow was going to be great. You know it is going to be good when you have to brush the acumulating snow off you multiple times on the lift ride up. From the top of Centennial we headed down to the Grouse Mountain/Larkspur/Birds of Prey interchange. On the way down we could tell the snow was piling up. It felt like eight inches plus already and there was hardly anyone on the mountain. We jumped on Larkspur and rode it up. The snow looked great from the lift. We raced back down to the Grouse Mountain lift with the fresh snow overpowering any of the scratchy hardpack that formed overnight. We lapped the Grouse Mountain lift a few times and then worked our way over to Birds of Prey lift.

Skiing fresh powder that is up to your knees in April at the beginning of a work trip is really not like work at all. It is pure pleasure. We ended the day taking a run with the CEO of our company and then raced back to the condo to get ready for the start of the MTS festivites. What a way to ring in April. It could not be any better.

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