Orchid Thai Restaurant in South Lake Tahoe

If there was ever a perfect day, it would end with a tummy full of food from Orchid Thai Restaurant in South Lake Tahoe, California — a local’s favorite since 2003 when they first opened their doors. The restaurant is small, and by no means fancy, but the food more than makes up for the lack of ambiance. The smells are rich and delightful; the food is so flavorful your taste buds will go into sensory overload.

There are so many great choices that one may never be able to decide on just one entrée. That is why I like to take friends and dine family style! With a bigger sampling of dishes you can really get the full experience and appreciation of the food. Worried about budget? Don’t be. The quality of the food, speed of service and pure enjoyment of having the best meal ever make Orchid the best value in town. This restaurant is truly one of Tahoe’s hidden gems. You will be pleasantly surprised to find such a wonderful, authentic Thai Restaurant in the Tahoe area. On second thought, why am I telling you about it? I should keep it a secret so I have it all to myself!


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