Park City’s Olympic Park is Full of Real Winners

Top of Olympic Park - heading to the Ski Jump!

As most people know, Park City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics.  This special park was used specifically for a few of the Olympic events including the ski jump, bobsledding and the luge.  Even though the Olympics have come and gone you and your family can pay a visit to the park to see the interactive museum, catch a glimpse of future Olympians as they train for the next olympics or try out the thrilling mountain activities that you will be talking about for years to come!

Check out the Olympian behind me... he's upside down mid stunt!

The museum is full of fun hands-on activities where you can simulate a race down the track, experience an avalanche and learn why Utah has the “greatest snow on earth.”   Be sure to stop by the freestyle splash pool to see the Olympians in training as they fly 60 feet in the air and perform their mountain skills before landing in the pool!

The mountain also has rides for all ages.  The park offers gold, silver and bronze packages so you can try the different mountain activities for one price.  They boast the “world’s

The ski jumps! If you look in the sky above you can see the ziplines.

steepest zipline” where you can fly down the mountain at 50 mph over the ski jump hill.  You’ll get to feel what it’s like to be a ski jump athlete!  There’s also a shorter zipline for the young ones. “The Quicksilver” is the European-style alpine slide and fun for the whole family!  Or, if you are more of a risk taker, you can sign up to take a plunge down the actual Olympic track at 80 mph on the bobsled with you and two of your friends.  For the extreme adrenaline junkie there is a race down the skeleton track, face first, on the skeleton luge!

The actual bobsled track used in the Olympics. You're up next!

We had a blast and I can’t wait for our next visit.  I hope you are able to come and check out the fun that is The Olympic Park!  It’s a trip that won’t soon be forgotten.

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