Solaris. It’s the Cool Thing To Do

My most recent visit to Vail was also my first.  I have to say that the Vail Village is one of the cutest little places to wander around that I’ve found.  They have made many new improvements to the village including construction to older buildings and hotels as well as new additions like Solaris.

Solaris art and entrance

Solaris is being boasted as the “new center of Vail Village,” its location: the old Crossroads Shopping Center.  It offers spectacular residences that sit atop a brand new, state-of-the-art theater, a premium bowling alley, an open air ice skating rink in the winter, a lawn that replaces it in the summer, and many shops and restaurants.

Lawn/Ice Skating Rink, The Martini Glass and the many shops!

We went to the Cinebistro.  I wish we had one of those where I live!  It’s a theater with a bar and a restaurant that serves you at your seat.  It’s the best of both worlds!  Their theater has the latest technologies in audio and visual.  They even use a handheld device to take your order from your seat!  I suggest stopping by the Solaris for a fun night on the town with the family the next time you’re in Vail.

The Martini Glass at night

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