Independence Day Bash Eases the Pain of Saying Goodbye to 2010–11

Closing Day at Snowbird, UT – July 4th 2011

It may surprise you to hear that the snow was fantastic this last weekend at Snowbird on Independence Day, but there is still a solid 90–100 inches of snow in areas of Little Cloud and Mineral Basin. Unfortunately the lifts are now officially done spinning for the year—but who can possibly be mad with the 202 day record season in Little Cottonwood Canyon?

I started hiking on November 5th 2010 at Alta and the lifts started spinning the next weekend on November 13th at Snowbird… 8 MONTHS AGO!!!


If you did not go to Snowbird yesterday, you must have been one of very few considering the parking lots were so packed that Public Safety estimated over 200 cars were parked on the canyon road. That’s basically what it looks like during the week after Christmas or a February 30″ lake effect dump.

The good part about the 6 Tram wait was that every other person in that line was holding a tall boy of PBR or Coors (yes, that started at 7:30 a.m.) to ease the pain while most were dressed in costumes, retro gear, speedos or bikinis! So it was as much “people watching” vs. just “standing” in the line that wound across the ENTIRE Snowbird plaza deck.

I took a few pics and video clips of my July 4th experience, but it’s hard to really describe what a Tram full of people screaming the lyrics to “Born to be Wild” is really like or a standing room only après scene at 11 o’clock in the morning on the plaza deck.

Oh yeah and the skiing was indeed better than you might think.

Ski you Later!

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