Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming…

…Or maybe I have just died and went to heaven — or The Spa at Arrabelle in Vail, Colorado?? On a recent trip I was lucky enough to have the surreal experience of staying at the Arrabelle for a few days and if the amazing accommodations weren’t enough to make me a huge fan, I was also able to enjoy a much-needed massage and relax in the ethereal surroundings at The Spa. Not only did the massage therapist work magical wonders on my tense muscles but afterwards we were given a sweet treat of sorbet. Really, what more could a girl ask for?

The soothing music combined with the mother-of-pearl tiles and gauzy curtains created an environment where I would not have been surprised had cherubim and seraphim floated by on a cloud. (Insert the “aaahh — gates of heaven have opened” music here).

After my spa-gasmic experience I had a bite of lunch at Arrabelle’s restaurant, T2. Due to the fact that I was practically walking on air from my massage and also because my name is Britt Bowe (therefore I am a B2); I may have been slightly biased walking in to the establishment. But the food and atmosphere speak for themselves as Arrabelle clearly has not overlooked any details when it comes to creating a beautiful place to stay and play.

Maybe it was the sunny weather or view from our balcony or maybe the moonlight dip in the rooftop pool and hot tub that sealed the deal, but I can absolutely guarantee that I will be returning to Arrabelle as soon as possible.

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