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While we were in Beaver Creek we were treated to a dinner that I will never forget:  Beano’s Cabin. It’s located at the foot of Grouse Mountain in the Larkspur Bowl.

Beanos Cabin entrance

Beanos Cabin entrance

You can either ride horseback for an hour or take a tractor-pulled wagon to get to the cabin.  We chose to ride the wagon and it was such a beautiful ride.  We saw little groundhogs and deer the whole way up the mountain.

The cabin is very spacious with a big, open air wraparound deck outside.  Inside you’ll find a classic mountain feel with towering vaulted ceilings, a huge fireplace, wood furnishings and antler chandeliers.

Jamie, Britt and me just sitting down to dinner

Jamie, Britt and me just sitting down to dinner

We were offered either a four-course or five-course meal option.  I chose the five-course meal and was given several different options for the salad, appetizer, meat, fish and dessert.  The service was very quick and attentive.  Additionally, they had live music that played classic country and rock hits while we dined.

I have to say my favorite food had to be the beer ice cream!  It comes with three flavors: Corona, Mirrorpond and Budweiser.  My favorite was the Mirrorpond, by a landslide!  I didn’t think beer ice cream would be so delicious.  Trust me, it’s not as weird as it sounds.  In fact, I had to pick up the bowl and drink the last few sips it was too good to waste a single drop!  The menu changes often, so I hope when you get a chance to visit you will be able to try some of the beer ice cream for yourself!

MMM... Mirrorpond ice cream

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