Kid In a Candy Store

Yes, Vail is home to some of the best skiing in the world. Yes, Vail has incredibly nice accommodations and great restaurants. And yes, Vail is a great place to visit year around — but do you know what else? Vail is home to Fuzziwig’s! Fuzziwig’s is the best candy store I have ever seen. Without a doubt this store will bring out the kid in anyone and make them jump for joy at the sight of candies from around the world . . . even Zot’s! (Remember those??)

Be careful. Too much time at Fuzziwig’s will leave you liable to climb a moose!

Cam Nash

Cameron (7 Posts)

I was born and raised in the mountains of Utah and have loved the alpine environment my whole life. Whether I’m shredding down a mountainside, hiking up a trail or picking my mandolin in an alpine meadow, I am happiest when surrounded by mountains.

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