A Golf Vacationer’s Dream

I’m a golfer. It’s my sport of choice in the summertime, so when I am on vacation that’s all I want to do. Did you know that within 20 minutes of Park City, there are 8 public courses to choose from?

I love to get in a quick round in the afternoon and for that Park City Golf Club is perfect. It’s located right in the center of Park City and it’s not expensive. There is even a Ruth Chris’s located right at the clubhouse. If you want the full golf vacation we offer 6 lodging options right on the golf course: Hotel Park City, Silver Star Resort, Payday, Three Kings, All Seasons, and Park Avenue condos. There’s something for every budget.

As you might know, the window for great weather is shorter in the summer and fall, but you also get to see beautiful scenery you might not get to normally. My favorite in the fall is Wasatch Mountain Course, located in Wasatch Mountain State Park in Midway.  It is the most amazing place to be once the leaves start to change! You can find me there, camera in hand, not only for the unbelievable views of Heber Valley, but also its wildlife.

So next time you are thinking about a little different way to experience the mountains, head to the course and find out why I love this place so much. See you on the links!

Wasach Mountain Golf Course #4

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