Dream Vacation in the Mountains

I love nature and landscapes. The Tetons and Yellowstone are so beautiful and diverse we never got bored. We saw mountains, marsh and flatlands, canyons, forests, rock formations, rivers, creeks, lakes, rapids, waterfalls, and of course the animals.  We got pictures of a mother bear and her cub in Teton National Park, which I took from the safety of our car with a 200 power zoom lens of course!

The weather was perfect with mostly blue skies the whole time we were there. The cooler weather was welcome after such a hot summer in Louisiana. What a ride up the narrow and winding roads to the Bear Tooth Mountains in Wyoming and Montana! The view was spectacular from 12,000 feet where snow still sits on the mountain tops.

Jackson Lake marina in the Tetons, perfect place for a picnic

I used my nice Nikon camera to take truly awesome pictures of the majestic scenery, but how could they not be with such wonderful scenery. I also made my own photo and video slideshow DVD to show off my vacation. I got some magnificent pictures of the old barns on Mormon row with the Tetons in the background. I’ll be making one of those into a large print and framing it for a special birthday present.

Thanks to our Destination Expert, Ashley Green, for making it all possible! She was so sweet and patient every time I called or emailed, even changing the condo at the last minute!  I told my sister about the condos in Teton Village, now they want to plan a trip next year.  What a trip of a lifetime with so much beauty to see up there and so many memories we’ll have!

Dianne Hattaway, Louisiana


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