Wearing Green

I hated ski school as a kid. The morning drop off was the bane of my exsistence. I never was a cryer, but more the quite type who did not talk to anyone and counted the minutes until the day was over. So it seemed pretty ironic that I willingly and eagerly signed up to instruct at Deer Valley Resort. The funny thing is that the ski instructor green uniform is probably the only thing that stayed the same from my time as a kid to a recent college grad. I came to love ski school and watched out for those quiet types wishing they were anywhere but there.

I think my new found love had everything to do with working for a company that strives for balance through the Deer Valley Difference. As cheesy as it sounds I would find my self and my peers using the “DVD” term on a regular basis – whether in reference to the free cookies in the cafateria at the end of the day or taking on an extra student to help out a friend. Jokingly or not the DVD results from a company in a beatiful place, that hires expectional people, and aims to be the best. This business model made it so I never woke up dreading to go to work as I had once dreaded to go to ski school. I knew that at the end of the day whether it was trying or awesome I was working for a great company and most importantly I got to ski everyday.

This idea of balance has spilled over into all aspects of my life as I now two years later make decisions based on a lifestyle. I do not think I can go back to a time when my hobbies did not dictate where I lived or what I do for a living. So thank you Deer Valley ski school for teaching me not only to ski, but for helping me find a balance in everything I do.

– Laura Daly, Marketing Team


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  1. Ramona says:

    Great post, thanks! One of our favorite Vail Valley resorts is Cordillera Lodge. The views are great and they always have great service.

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