All settled in… but forgot the wine? I’ve got you covered in Deer Valley

Hot tub is toasty, jets blowing, little surface bubbles breaking and beckoning me to fill their empty space. Snow is glistening, the air crisp, moon bright…. aaah, all I need is my glass of wine before I slip into this winter water wonderland….what, no wine?! How could I forget to bring the wine? The whole atmosphere suddenly teeters, tottering between frustration and disappointment. What to do? Destination expert to the rescue! Come, come closer still, I’ll share my secret of a rescued evening. Deer Valley Club in the Silver Lake area has a sundry shop that sells wine. Even bigger news, they sell affordable wine, with prices ranging from $12 to $80+ (guess which I chose). There are snack and sundry items as well as other libation choices (you’re in luck guys, there’s beer too). I would love to claim credit for this discovery, but the wonderful desk staff where I was staying, Black Bear Lodge, clued me in to this hidden resource. They called to check the hours (they close at 9 pm), and even whistled for their sleigh, which showed up as a van, sans reindeer even, to ferry me over. Fine with me, I was in hot tub mode, walking prohibited. Santa’s elves at Deer Valley Club were graciously helpful. Aaah, all ends well, as I sit in my water wonderland I can’t help but hum…. (sing along now) Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, right outside, snow is glistening, a beautiful sight, I’m happy tonight, soaking in my winter wonderland…. Now gone away is the wine, and I’m feeling pretty fine, I’m humming this song, lazing along, chilling in my water wonderland….

– Belinda Jorgenson, Destination Expert

Belinda J (7 Posts)

I’ve traveled extensively and understand the importance of details and planning. I want to make your vacation planning as worry free as the vacation itself. I have lived a life filled with adventure; I’ve done everything from swimming with sharks to eating with cannibals, and raised four teenagers in between. From white sand to white powder, I love it all and can’t wait to find the ideal vacation for you.

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