SKI FREE in Park City!

Airport to lift in less than 2 hours!

Learn how it really works from a gal kind of cursed by Murphy’s Law (if anything can go wrong, it will). Or are you just a busy Mom trying to get everyone out the door for the ski vacation? Procrastinator who starts packing 30 minutes before leaving? Just a general slacker? Learn from me, how to forget all the necessary items and still ski free on your day of arrival! All you need is your boarding pass, an out of state ID, and a redemption voucher from the Park City Quick Start program. Here’s how to do it step by step, for those who have it all together and for those of us who just, well, don’t.

First, register on the website. The offer is blacked out 12/22 – 1/1/12 and 2/18 – 3/31/12 but otherwise valid until the resorts close. To register you’ll need your flight information and which resort you’d like to ski. Fortunately it’s valid at all 3 Park City resorts. Deer Valley gives you the most bang for your free buck as their lift tickets are the most expensive, or if you have less time, choose the Canyons as it’s 20 minutes closer to the Park City I-80 exit. You must separately register every person who is skiing/boarding, even the kids. You’ll receive an email voucher for each person almost immediately. Print the vouchers!

Next, print out an extra boarding pass for each skier/boarder. I put a reminder alert “Get extra boarding pass!” on my phone since I know the extras will somehow jump out of my purse en route to the airport. My phone alarm prompted me to get an extra one at the kiosk / flight counter, since, of course, I forgot to print it.

Landed, got the boarding passes, but can’t find your vouchers? Don’t panic, mine were mysteriously sucked into the same abyss. Despite the Quick Start website’s warning that vouchers must be obtained 3 days in advance you can register or even re-register the day of use, even an hour before you exchange them. Desperation drives discovery. KEY point – phone display of the voucher will not be accepted. It must be a printed copy. But where to print it?? I went to my lodging check in desk and used their computer to print the vouchers from my Quick Start email. Another option is the Park City public library, open 7 days a week and conveniently located on Park Ave: If you are skiing the Canyons and don’t want to drive downtown, use Office Depot in the Walmart shopping center just before the Canyons. Take a right at the first light off of the I-80 exit.

Now, where to change from flight attire to ski apparel? Most of the time an early flight means too early to check in at your lodging . You can call the day before arrival and request an early check in (though I haven’t found one yet that let me in at 11 a.m). No worries! If you are a triathlete or surfer like me you can presto changeo with utmost discretion even in your rental car. Grab your skis off your rental car complimentary ski rack (Alamo, etc links) and your skis are hitting the slopes less than 2 hours after your plane’s wheels hit the runway.

If you are using the shuttle, or need more civilized space than a car to change in, your lodging check in office will happily hold your luggage and you can change there. Pack your ski clothes at the top of your suitcase to make it easier. Another option is to change at the mountain base and utilize their ski locker area.

Changed, now to deal with skis….. If you chose Ski Butlers for your equipment rentals they will meet you at your lodging check-in, or even at a pre-designated place at the base of the mountain to fit you for your skis and get you out there in a jiffy. Oopsies, forgot to reserve your equipment too? Grab them from Aloha Ski and Snowboard Rental on the mountain at Park City and the Canyons or dash into Ski N See at Deer Valley.

There you have it, you can now take a deep breath of crisp mountain air and marvel at the vista from your first chair lift of the day, every mistake covered.

– Belinda Jorgenson, Destination Expert

Belinda J (7 Posts)

I’ve traveled extensively and understand the importance of details and planning. I want to make your vacation planning as worry free as the vacation itself. I have lived a life filled with adventure; I’ve done everything from swimming with sharks to eating with cannibals, and raised four teenagers in between. From white sand to white powder, I love it all and can’t wait to find the ideal vacation for you.

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