Mother Nature Are You There?

If you have been out west lately to ski then you have surely joked about doing a snow dance. Maybe you have done one, or faked one? There are different schools of thought on how to execute the perfect snow dance. Some include dancing around with pajamas inside out while chanting “snow” or dancing around outside wearing nothing at all. As ridiculous as this all sounds desperate times call for desperate measures.

Park City Mountain Resort took the old adage of the snow dance and put it to the test this past Saturday as hundreds of people gathered to watch members of the Northern Ute Tribe perform a traditional snow blessing. Don’t worry all participants were fully clothed and decked out in traditional Native American garb. Ute Spiritual Leader Albert Lance Manning lead prayer and the ceremony while viewers looked on and later joined in a long circular line dance holding hands.

This event turned out to be great PR for Park City Mountain Resort and snow dance efforts around the world because the snow forecast for the next few days over the west is being described as a “snowpocalyspe,” “snowmageddon” and even “stormasuaruas.” So next time you laugh off the thought of a snow dance think about the efforts in Park City that helped to break the dry spell across the west. Bring on the SNOWMAGEDDON!

To check out what a real snow dance looks like click here!

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