Don’t stop now, the Snow Dance has worked!

I find it amusing that just a few short days ago, my co-worker Laura D was writing about the tradition of snow dances. Clearly she’s got something right; between the public Snow Dance done last week at Park City Mountain Resort, and all of the hard working snow dancers in their own homes, Utah has seen a great storm this week!

I took the opportunity to enjoy a day away from my desk and get you some of these shots, from Canyons Utah. All photos taken on Jan 22, 2012: 4 day storm total 36″ with 20″ of snow in the last 24 hours…no complaints from me! :) I also shot a cool video, which you can check out if you click here!

Since we’re in another La Nina weather pattern this year, NOAA predictions expect that we will continue to see heavier than average snowfall throughout most of the Rockies for the latter part of the ski season…so I’m betting that February and March will see their fair share of powder days like this one! Let us know where you’d like to leave your sitzmark this season!  :)


– Kai Nilson, Destination Expert

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