PCL Steals Sundance’s Spotlight

It’s my third Park City winter and over the past week I have spent more time in what was Harry O’s – now VIP club Park City Live – than I ever expected. It wasn’t hard to beat the few concerts, one Latino night and a random silent auction fundraiser that I attended at Harry O’s over the last couple of years, but in a single week I beat this handful of attendances and am returning for more shows this weekend. For those who are not familiar with Harry O’s, it was a converted school gym once home to the largest nightclub on Main Street. Now under new ownership it reopened its doors January 19th as PCL for the start of Sundance and brought along and continues to bring in a heavy hitting lineup of musical performances for the film festivities.

Deadmau5 starts off his set with his iconic Deadmau5 head

When I say I have spent more time at Park City Live over the past week than over the past three years I mean that I have been there almost nightly and literally have to turn off my phone so I don’t end up there again tonight. This fact is both a reflection on my love for live music and what Park City Live has done over Sundance. Live music has always been big in Park City on any given night of the week, but Park City Live made it possible for me to see bands from my childhood to those rappers who I am told are popular on the radio to the guy who spells dead mouse in a peculiar way. We Park City locals are not used to such lineups. The question is can Park City Live keep the momentum going without its high profile crowds?

I am not one to speculate on whether Park City Live will make it beyond the twilight zone of Sundance, because regardless of Park City Live’s future it has been a pretty exciting week for those who wanted to see some big name shows. Afrojack kicked off the performances Thursday night followed by Red Foo from LMFAO, Ludacris, Deadmau5, OneRepublic, Third Eye Blind, Akon and the list continues. Other Hollywood types like Paris Hilton have been gracing the stage to dance around like she did during Deadmau5’s show Sunday night. Dennis Quaid gleefully leaned over the balcony to humor fans at the Third Eye Blind concert Wednesday night, and I am sure that the stars will be out tonight to start off the closing weekend of Sundance. Celebrities aside this might be a venue to watch out for in the future for those locals and the visitors of this mountain town wanting to see a good show. Lets hope it lasts!

– Laura Daly, Marketing Team


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