Work and Play at Solitude Mountain Resort

Not even out of the parking lot and Amy is stoked to hit the slopes early morning.

A week ago the Mountain Reservations interactive marketing team had an amazing ski day at Solitude Mountain Resort. We got to the mountain bright and early to enjoy the sunny day and great powder. James and I decided to take a refresher course because we haven’t skied in years and years and James said he hadn’t skied since high school. We were shocked that we got right back into the swing of things and enjoyed our teacher (who looked like Bill Nye the Science Guy) and all of the ski instruction he gave. All of us were at different levels and he taught us great techniques and gave individual advice.

After our instruction, we met the team for lunch at the Last Chance Mining Camp. We were so hungry by the time lunchtime came and filled our plates full and started chowing down. The food was great and the lodge was large so you could take off your gear and just relax.

Team members strap into their boards to ski down as a complete team.

After lunch James and I went up the ski slopes with the team to do some real skiing. It felt good hitting some harder slopes for me and using the techniques I learned in my class. The rest of the afternoon flew by and we all enjoyed skiing together. It was a great ski day in the interactive department!!!

-Elise Pearson, Marketing Team

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