Cold Winter Nights in Park City

Before Utah, I lived in Maine. I have dealt with my share of cold winter nights, but last weekend reminded me of what it really means to be cold. So cold you can’t feel your feet, hands, nose, and no matter how much you move around the only thing that could possibly make you warm is to hold up next to a fire.

It wasn’t abnormally cold in Park City last weekend and I admit I have a low tolerance for cold weather, but in order to watch the 2012 Visa Freestyle International Worldcup at Deer Valley Resort sacrifices needs to be made. Layers need to be put on – warning you might feel like the michelin man – and for the average attendee a backpack full of beer is a must.

Making the walk up to the Dual Mogul competition. Shoes with good traction are a must.

What’s great about the freestyle competition is that it’s family friendly, very social and a fun way to check out the world’s greatest athletes compete in events that will make you shriek, cheer, hold your breath and want to come back year after year. The competition lasts three nights and every night the crowd makes the hike up lower Bald Eagle Mountain at Deer Valley to check out the sites. The first night’s events are the Men’s and Lady’s Moguls, second night are the Men’s and Ladies’ Aerials and lastly, a favorite of mine, the Men’s and Ladies’ Dual Mogul competition.

This year was especially cool because it mixed tradition and newness. The courses were the same used in the 2002 Olympic Winter games, but the events were judged under a new judging format. After athletes make it through the qualifying round they are broken into finals. One is for the top 12 or 16 with a Super Final for the top four to compete against one another. This process of elimination made the Dual Mogul event especially exciting to watch. Hannah Kearney, Olympic gold medalist, dueled her way down the course four times to win her 13th world cup championship. That kind of adrenaline can keep anyone watching warm. Definitely worth checking out in the future for those living or visiting Park City!

To check out some cool photos from the events click here!

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