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Here at Mountain Reservations we want YOU to win a free pair of skis. How do you go about doing so? Simple: you take a picture of yourself while wearing our “What’s Your Sign Sticker?” and upload it to our Facebook photo contest. Click here to request the sticker and to enter to win the competition. There is, however, a little history behind this promotion. Skiing is a funny sport. It’s social, but requires some level of athleticism. Some people make it their livelihood while others hit the slopes once a year knowing there is an après drink waiting for them at the bottom of a run.

I myself used to fit into the latter category until I moved out to Park City three winters ago. People assume, because I live near great mountains and spend a majority of my free time skiing that I am a gnarly skier – gnarly meaning awesome. If people ask my skier type, I say humbly that I am alright, but I know that I can go down almost anything. I say alright, because I compare myself to my friends who jump off cliffs and think it’s no big deal. On the other hand, those who ski a handful of times in their life think I look as good as my friends who huck off cliffs.

Checkout our in-house snow bunny Elise. She makes the "What's Your Sign?" sticker a fashion accesory on her hat for the day.

So when it came time to put a promotion together for skiers to tell us what type of skier they are, our department experienced an interesting exercise in defining the different skier types. I come from a pretty regimented ski school background (I taught skiing my first two winters in Park City) whereas some of my coworkers started skiing a couple of years ago. When I brought up the logistics of working from a wedge to parallel skis as moving from a beginner type to an intermediate skier type I was being answered with “well I know I am not a beginner anymore, because I don’t knock people over when I get off the chairlift.”

As humorous as it sounds it’s totally true. It’s all relative and meant to be fun. That’s what we think here at Mountain Reservations so much so that we want you to go out there on your ski days and take pictures of yourself with our “What’s Your Sign?” sticker. Whether you are hitting the groomers, lazily enjoying your pitcher of beer, or perfecting that daffy move, get out there and tell us what your sign is!

– Laura Daly, Marketing Team

Promotional details:

Place the “What’s Your Sign” sticker anywhere on your gear while on the mountain and take a pic! Visit the Mountain Reservations Fanpage to upload your photo and that’s it! You’re entered to win a free pair of skis from Atomic. Winner will be announced on April 20, 2012.

If you don’t have a sticker, e-mail us your address. Click here to request a sticker and we’ll send you one.

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