Aspen’s Snowfall: Floating Heads Among Powder

Photo by Jeremy Swanson

What does 28” of new snow look like? Heads floating above a cloud of snow and of course awesomeness!

Don’t be fooled by Aspen’s reputation as a hub for the glitz and glam Hollywood-types who flock there. For those looking to shred on a good powder day, face shots are a guarantee. Last week it snowed for four days straight! Twenty-eight inches later and all anyone could talk about over this past weekend were the amazing snow conditions. The days of packed powder are hopefully gone. Powder hounds all over the country have patiently waited for the time of the year when the words “biggest” and “best” can be thrown around on a regular basis. After last week’s snowfall across the nation this time has arrived, and resorts like Aspen are experiencing their biggest snowfall of the season.

Check out the photos below of one of Apsen’s BEST powder days of the season and click here to check out an expanded gallery! (photos courtesy of Jeremy Swanson)


The World is Our Snow Globe,

The Mountain Reservations Team


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