New Kid on the Block in Steamboat Springs

On family vacations I am the designated foodie. So it was not unusual when my mom asked me to do a little research for a trip to Steamboat Springs. I read some, talked to some and compiled a list of places to eat, which I sent it to my mom pre-arrival.

Sweetwater Grill bar. Great place to catch Happy Hour.

When we got to Steamboat my mom did the unthinkable. She went off my list and asked the concierge to make reservations for us. I tried to keep my cool, but I didn’t recognize the restaurant name and got worried (yes, I have anxieties about food which is ridiculous, I know). When we showed up to the mystery restaurant my sister was automatically sold, because it advertised live music on the outside alongside the restaurant name: The Sweetwater Grill. First impression as we walked in was typical all-American pub/brewery. Next, the hostess walked us back towards an open room that looked out onto a river. The windows were large and despite the night-time darkness we could see beyond the river: an Olympic training slope with a slalom course, ski jump and freestyle skiing and snowboarding jumps. Setting wise I could not complain – it was chicer than the bar at the entrance and I was quickly captivated by the people night racing outside.

This, however, did not calm my nerves about the menu. Once I opened it and saw a “gf” symbol next to half of the menu items I was relieved (I am gluten intolerant and usually eating out is a burden). As it turns out a majority of the menu was gluten free and/or had the option to be made gluten free. Now the fun began as I mulled over every item to see what I wanted to eat.

Summertime in Steamboat at the Sweetwater Grill. The outdoor patio looks onto the river.

As a family we went for it with a four course meal. First we started with the flat bread pizza as an appetizer, next came the salads, followed by our entrees and a smore dessert. For the entrees we had two fish dishes, a Cajun special sea bass and a grilled corvina on a bed of banana leaves, and two vegetarian dishes, root hash and a fresh made pasta dish. There was definite variety and if you wanted to veer from the traditional pub food you could choose from a ginger tamari fried tofu with jasmine rice to a hefty surf to turf 8 oz flat iron steak stuffed with lobster claw to their acclaimed chicken and waffles. Everything we tried – which was a lot – tasted great, and the unique mountain town feel over looking an Olympic training ground started off our ski vacation with a bang. The Sweetwater Grill is definitely worth checking out on your next trip to Steamboat Springs! This new kid on the block is surely a fast growing favorite among locals and visitors.

– Laura Daly, Marketing Team

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