Kickin’ it in Kicking Horse

After a long day of 4000+ vertical foot runs, you’re in the mood for some refreshments of the therapeutic kind and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort’s Après ski scene, though limited, makes up for it in fun.

Shot ski action shot at The Peaks

We started at The Peaks at the base of the Gondola with a bucket of beer and some poutine to refresh our weary souls after a hard day on the slopes. For those Americans who don’t know what “Poutine” is, it’s rough cut french fries smothered in gravy and cheese. Why we don’t have access to this in every bar and restaurant in the states is a mystery to me…it’s awesomely messy and it hits the spot after a cold tiring day outside. Anyhow, after munchin’ down some my new favorite Canadian food, someone (name to remain anonymous) ordered up a shot-ski for the group and I was selected to take a place on the line for some debauchery in unison.

Extreme Jenga at the Winston Saloon

After a paying the tab at The Peaks, we headed over to the Winston Saloon formerly known as “The Local Hero” for a pint of local brew and a game of Jenga by their roaring fire. Only this Jenga has replaced the normal finger sized blocks of wood with 2x4s, making it an interesting game when playing after a couple drinks. It was boys vs. girls and…yep, the girls won with me pulling the final piece that sent the tower crashing to the floor with a rumbling bang of wood and laughs all around.

What a day it was and there’s no better way to cap it off!

– Shaun Sanislo, Destination Expert

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