Breckenridge: Ski Town USA

The drive from Salt Lake City to Breckenridge is about 7 ½ hours. Some might wonder why I would choose to leave Utah snow for Colorado snow. What could the difference be in these two states from the Intermountain-West. I’ve only been snowboarding for about 2 years and prefer the groomed trails, so was I really going to notice a significant difference?

Well the drive went well, however I will mention that my boyfriend Dan was using an air-card to take a 4-hour exam for his graduate school program and ended up trying to save with 2 minutes to spare and the system came back with an error message that said “Lost Connection.” Everything was gone. Not the best way to start a vacation however he was given a 2 hour extension the following week and allowed to re-take the test.

View of our Main Street Station unit

After that little debacle we arrived at Breckenridge around 11PM. We drove slowly down Main Street Breckenridge, which is the perfect Ski Town USA. Small shops and restaurants line both sides of the street. We could see people in the pubs, however all seemed quiet. Once we picked up our key from Great Western Lodging we made our way to Main Street Station unit 1404. The condo was a spacious one-bedroom unit with a view of a small creek that ran through town, which made me think Breckenridge would be a great place to visit during the summer too.

The location of our lodging could not have been better either. We were a 2 minute walk from both Breckenridge Ski Resort and Main Street. Once we arrived we did not need our vehicle again until we pulled away a few days later.

Our first morning we woke up early (11 AM) and headed up to Breckenridge Resort. First we needed coffee and found a great to-go cup at Quandary Grille right outside our door. We were on the slopes within just a few minutes. Our favorite run of the day was off Peak 10. We headed to lunch again at Quandary Grille and had a salmon salad and fish sliders. It was my favorite meal in Breck. Though we explored more of the terrain we ended back up at Peak 10 to finish our day.

After a long nap we headed back out around 9PM for dinner. We quickly realized that 9PM + dinner on a Thursday night do not mix. Most of the nice restaurants were closing up around 9PM. However, there are at least 3 options within a few blocks of each other that are open until at least midnight for dinner. Now, Quandary Grille was also serving dinner, but we decided that 3 meals in one day was a little much. So, we ended up selecting Erics, which is a pub/video game restaurant on Main Street. They had great pub food and I found Hard Cider, which can be hard to find in Utah.

On our walk home we stopped at the Ice Sculpture display near the top of Main Street. Groups representing different countries from around the world were displaying their best ice creation. The artwork was fantastic.

We headed back to our condo and prepared for out next day’s ride at Vail Resort!

Safe Travels,

Amy Ochoa, Marketing Team


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