Stoked at Revelstoke

The locals call it “The Stoke” or “Revey” and up until now it’s only been a whisper amongst my friends and far flung internet searches for heli-sking. Well, we’re finally here and it’s like I imagined…if I had put my imagination on steroids!

This is the most underrated, under visited and underappreciated resort, in the world. I am a pretty confident snowboarder and the expanse and depth of the terrain here is enough to keep me begging for more and it has me planning my next trip before I’ve even skied my last day. That said, the mountain has enough varied terrain to satisfy my blue run minded wife and green runs for the little guy.

Can you spot the skier? Photo by John Antonuik; taken from

Mark my word, this will be the place everyone in the world of skiing and snowboarding is buzzing about in the years to come…I’d get up here before they everyone else does!

– Shaun Sanislo, Destination Expert

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