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In the future, when I think back to my first experience in Revelstoke, BC, I gather that the first word out of my mouth will be “Amazing”. Even with that, I will probably never be able explain in words what this massive mountain is all about, if you really want to believe me, get it on your bucket list. Revelstoke is one of the youngest ski resorts in North America, but it has all the terrain, culture and intangibles to become one of British Columbia’s premier destinations.

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The highlight of our visit was our first crack at Heli-Skiing. I could write a novel on our Heli-Skiing experience alone, but all I can say if you haven’t done it yet – DO IT!

Riding in a helicopter during a blizzard, or skiing wide open bowls and trees with endless fresh tracks is certainly the key ingredient for a quality heli-ski experience, however there is no greater rush than having a 3 ton hunk of metal with a razor sharp rotor on it landing right on top of you. No wonder people get addicted to Heli-skiing. This is an absolute must for a true mountain adventure experience.

You can check out our home made heli video here: Heli-Skiing iin Revelstoke BC

Expert skiing ability is not required, however intermediate skiers should be comfortable with deep powder conditions in order to properly enjoy heli-skiing.

British Columbia has over 40 Heli-ski operators throughout the millions of  skiable acres in the province, but Selkirk Tangiers operates 500,000 of those acres and is one of the most renowned and experienced company’s in the business. The “Lift – Cat – Heli” tagline only begins to tell the story of Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

When we got to town, we couldn’t see how large the mountains really were because it was dumping snow and it continued to dump for 3 straight days. But you don’t have to see it to ski it… we were set up with over 2 feet of snow in 3 days on North America’s longest top to bottom resort at 5620’ of vertical.  This place is HUGE.

Just like we did at Kicking Horse 2 days before, we went to the very top of the mountain on the Stoke chairlift and boot packed to the best spot the mountain could offer us in the North Bowl.  We dove right in and the snow was as light as you will find it in Utah on an average storm in the Cottonwoods. We found chutes, cliffs, face shots and fresh tracks all over the place 2 days in a row. It’s so big that you can ski all day, on different runs and areas and get fresh tracks on demand. You can’t do that inbounds in Utah!

On the very last run the day we were driving out and the sun started poking out and lit up Mt. Begbie across the valley, which finally gave us those spectacular views and a reference point to how big the resort and the backcountry terrain that surrounds it truly is.

Getting here isn’t easy, it took us 7 hours to get out of Reveklstoke but the effort was well worth it!

– Mark McGill, Market Manager

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