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Crested Butte is one of my favorite resort towns.  Why?  I know, it’s not the easiest place to get to.  I live in Colorado and it still takes me 3 ½ hours to get there!  But, once you roll into town you immediately know why this place is so special.  The mountain itself offers a great variety of terrain and stunning mountain vistas everywhere you look.


And the town of Crested Butte offers a huge variety of locally owned shops and amazing restaurants.  But my favorite part of Crested Butte is the general “living life to the fullest” attitude exuded by the people who live there.  All the locals are spunky and full of life.  An active outdoor lifestyle is embraced here by all.  Depending on the season, all of the locals either have a great goggle or sunglass tan from being outside enjoying the many activities there are to choose from: skiing, riding, hiking, biking, running, fishing, boating… the list goes on and on.  How can you not love a place where everyone gets around mainly by riding their cruiser bike, walking or taking the free area shuttle?  And if there is an event in town everyone will be there with smiles on their faces and a ready to party attitude.  So, my question to you is…when do you want to visit? 


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