Spring Powder Alert

It's hard to complain about digging out a car in the morning when you know whats in store for you on the mountain: feet of fresh snow!

Just when I was ready to get out the mountain bike for the spring season, Winter is letting us know it’s not done with Utah yet! Yesterday, the day after Saint Patrick’s Day, I skied 8″ of fresh at the Canyons. Too bad I’m working today, because now we’ve got another 14″ of fresh on top of that!  22″ in 2 days makes for one of the best 2 day totals this season! I spent most of my time off yesterday skiing…but managed to get a couple shots to share with everyone…Winter’s not done yet, so just call us if you have yet to get your turns in!

- Kai Nilson, Destination Expert

Everything is blanked in snow.

To get experience some great spring powder visit www.Mountainreservations.com or call 1-800-754-9378 today!



I'm here to ski and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of bubble gum...

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  1. Kerr says:

    Are you the Kai I knew as 5-year-old boy? My college pal Heidi Gust’s son has the same name. A lot of memories of the CSU days 27 years ago.

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