Lake Tahoe and All Its Different Views

Taking in the view from Heavenly.

There are few places in this world that touch and move your soul. That place for me, has always been Tahoe. There is something about climbing a mountain and looking over the Emerald waters that stirs up a much needed feeling of peace. If you need to take a break from reality and get some much needed R & R, why not Tahoe? There are many ways to enjoy the lake. Here are just a few that I enjoy.

  • Take in the beauty of the lake from one of the many local sand beaches that surround the lake. From the beaches you can lounge all day, and if you are brave dip your foot in the polar waters. If you are traveling with your pooch, don’t fret.  There are several dog friendly beaches too. Beware, there are also rumors of a nuddie beach, and yes it exist. I stumbled upon it once while exploring a new hiking trail (with my in-laws no less).
  • Hike to the tallest mountain and look over the lake and the surrounding mountains. There are dozens of hikes in the area for all ages and skill levels.  Make sure and bring a snack then perch yourself on a rock, breath…..relax.
  • Take a tour on the MS Dixie or Tahoe Queen. These old paddle wheel boats leave several times a day for lake tours. This is a great way to get out on the water and learn some of the vibrant history surrounding the Tahoe Basin.
  • Rent a boat. Get out there and have fun. You will be stunned at the clarity of the water, and once again if you are brave, jump in or water ski.
  • Take a drive. The scenic 72 mile drive along the lake will inspire you.  Check out the views and the charming towns that dot the shorelines.

You will  forever be changed by the beauty and peace that you find. After all, from the mouth of Mark Twain “It must surely be the fairest picture the whole world affords.” I guess the only question is, what are you waiting for?

– Amy Jansen, Destination Expert

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