A True Skier’s Breakfast

Skiing and riding takes a lot of energy, which is why fueling up before you hit the slopes is so important.  But, when you are eager to get out on the hill it’s hard to make yourself sit down to eat breakfast.  Never fear, Jackson Hole has you covered.  For those of you who can’t wait to hit the slopes simply jump on the tram and stop for a quick bite to eat at Corbet’s Cabin.  This quaint cabin located at 10,500 ft serves up some of the best waffles you will ever have.  Choose from waffles with brown sugar and butter, strawberry jam, or Nutella…or any combination you create on your own.  What a great way to start your day!   

You might even feel so good that you are tempted to jump off Corbet’s Couloir.  If you do, hopefully, you will end up on YouTube’s “Corbet’s best” list rather than “Corbet’s fail”.  Good luck!

Chrissie Davis (11 Posts)

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