Are We Allowed to be Here? Sunday Funday in Park City

Ironically one of the first times I gave golf a shot – no pun intended – was after a long day of skiing. Yes, I skied in the morning and turned in my poles for golf clubs in the afternoon. These are the days Park City locals live for. It’s the unique spring mud season when the weather is warm enough, the ground dry enough, and the days long enough that if you want to ski, mountain bike, climb, play volleyball, golf, and even lie by the pool you are more than able to do all of the above in a day.

Before I tried my hand at golf, I reluctantly put on my ski boots in fear of the 60 degree + weather expected for the day. As a “weekend warrior” my ski days are limited and I purposely stayed in town to ski before the Park City resorts closed. Slushy slopes and warm weather aside I was determined to at least make it to the ski mountain.

Headbands and sunglasses are a must for spring skiing.

With the intention of maybe skiing for an hour with three girlfriends (a rarity in the land of dudes that is Park City) we headed to Park City Mountain Resort, headbands on, and sunglasses ready. For those familiar with PCMR, after taking Payday up, we opted to head down to King Kong. To my surprise, along with the other three girls, the snow was GREAT! I was relieved and shocked that the snow was the perfect spring corn texture. Not too icy and still cool enough that stickiness was not a problem.

We shredded for 2 hours longer than expected and happily stopped when the snow started to get sticky. Next we decided to give the idea of Sunday funday a go and went to the Corner Store Pub & Grill to shed our layers and enjoy the 60-something degree weather drinks in hand. While working on our face tans we got a text asking whether or not we were interested in going to the Park City golf course to hit some balls (small disclaimer: the course is technically not open….so I do not know about the legality of playing pre-season).

The PCMR half-pipe is a nice backdrop to our golf excursion.

Somehow we procured a golf cart to make it official and headed to the course. People were playing through, but we opted to practice our putting and chipping. Despite putting around I managed to hit every ball either into a sand pit or half-way down the fairway. This is when I decided to call it a day on my golf efforts and take a seat to watch my friends. Next text to come in regarded playing volleyball in the park. Three sports in one day? Not too shabby if you ask me.

– Laura Daly, Marketing Team

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