Spring Break Over? Summer Vacation Not Here Yet? Weekend Getaways are the Answer.

May is an interesting bridge month for those looking to travel. Spring break is over and unless you have vacation days on reserve, you most likely need to work before earning more days off (or have a summer vacation already in the works). Still, this does not mean you cannot take advantage of the proximity of a weekend getaway. Maybe because we are on a National Park kick with National Park Week this week, but getting in a car and leaving a little early on a Friday afternoon sounds like a pretty sweet deal with the weather warming up.

The list of potential weekend getaways is endless and varies depending on your starting point, but the best advice for planning any successful and rejuvenating weekend getaway is quite simple: plan ahead. Everyone should (if you haven’t already) go on that weekend getaway with an hour’s notice, but to really maximize your weekend getaway experience, planning ahead is key. This can mean working late on the days leading up to Friday to researching deals on all aspects of your vacation. Many lodging options have last minute deals to try and reach capacity during the weekend.

Driving up to Vacationland itself. New England's small states make it easy to travel from one state to another for the quintessential weekend getaway.

When you do get in the car or board that plane leave work behind. Heading out for only a couple of days does not translate to a semi-vacation. Weekend getaways are still vacations and should be treated as such.

In line with leaving work at the office, despite your budget, it is always nice to treat yourself to a little something extra. A nice dinner out or a spa treatment makes any weekend, let alone weekend getaway, that much more enjoyable. Eating out surprisingly is one of the best ways to treat yourself (and can be the most affordable), because it gives you a break from your usual haunts at home.

Besides planning ahead it is always best to expect the unexpected and be willing to roll with the punches on a weekend getaway. When time is not on your side you need to wrap your head around going with the flow. Delays, getting lost and other hiccups are guarantees. It’s important to remember that it is all part of the weekend getaway experience and might make a great story Monday morning around the water cooler.

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Planning for spring or summer, Mountain Reservations is here to help arrange the ultimate weekend getaway. Click here or talk to one of our Destinations Experts at 1.800.983.0232 today!

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