Park City Wins Gold! Not the Winter Olympics Kind…

Park City and mountain towns alike are havens for powder hounds during the winter. Greatest mountain town secret? During the summer these ski havens morph into sanctuaries for downhillers, cross-country, and road bikers. Well, it might not be a huge secret, but for those not familiar with the biking community it is hard to know the scope of the sport in mountain towns once the snow melts.

This year is especially big for the US mountain biking community, because the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) named Park City a Gold Level Ride Center. Don’t know what that means? In laymen terms, Park City is the ultimate destination for mountain bikers in the ENTIRE world and is the first town in the ENTIRE world to receive such an accolade.

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Charlie Sturgis of the Mountain Trails Association got the ball rolling when he submitted an application to the IMBA for Park City. IMBA’s people came to check out the town and its biking trails and the town passed with flying colors and received 96 out of 100 based on its criteria award. This is unheard of, with no other town exceeding 90 on the scale previously. Many factors lead to Park City’s new reign as best mountain biking destination in the world. The 350 miles of mountain bike trails do not hurt, but what is even more important is the town’s commitment to protect trails and build more.

This is HUGE for Park City and mountain biking as a sport. The same amount of resources poured into skiing each winter season are now – to a certain extent – used for mountain biking especially in Park City. With Park City leading the way the secret might be out and before you know it, your annual ski vacation will be coupled with an anual mountain bike vacation.

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