Tis’ the Season to Bike Swap

Spring cleaning is an age-old tradition and for bike enthusiasts spring cleaning means it time to bike swap. Whether you are looking to unload gear, buy, trade or even recycle, bike swaps are perfect for any type of biker, especially those looking to get a good deal.

How bike swaps typically work for the seller: find a bike swap – best places to check out are local outdoor retail stores. Depending on the event you are likely to find a special tune and bike cleaning deal to make sure your bike and/or gear is in tip top shape. Expect the bike swap host to take a small percentage of the sale.

How bike swaps work for the buyer: it’s always good to show up to a bike swap prepared. It’s hard to know what the inventory will be, but coming up with a list of requirements for your ideal purchase always helps. Getting there early is important and if you find something you like don’t be scared to carry it around (might seem like an obnoxious thing to do, but be sure once a bike is coveted people are not shy to mark their territory and carry it around). It is good to note that sales tax is typically applied to purchases as well.

Whether you are the seller or buyer, rookie or veteran bike swapper, remember that bike swaps can be overwhelming, but gear is affordable and for those looking to make an extra buck they are great alternatives to Craigslist and other listing websites.

For the top 10 tips on how to succeed at bike swaps check out what our friends at Bicycling.com have to say. They are seasoned pros at anything bike especially the spring season of bike swaps.

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