Where to Ski in May? Check Out Whistler, BC.

On a comfortable yet slightly brisk May 2nd morning, I and my cohorts headed for the slopes of Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler. I have to admit, my skepticism rose as our chair lift climbed up the mountain. For the first few hundred feet, all I could see below my chair lift was a ribbon of death surrounded by rocks, mud and grass.

Don't be fooled by the bare hills behind me - the mountains still got it!

Much to my surprise (and giddy delight,) once we hit mid-mountain, the month of May ceased to exist as I was surrounded by snow; both on the ground and falling from the clouds!

We spent an entire day exploring the terrain of Blackcomb Mountain. Being a Utah snow snob, it takes quite a bit to impress me.…..skiing powder in May definitely impressed me.

- Cameron Nash, Destination Expert


I was born and raised in the mountains of Utah and have loved the alpine environment my whole life. Whether I'm shredding down a mountainside, hiking up a trail or picking my mandolin in an alpine meadow, I am happiest when surrounded by mountains.

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