A Little Taste of Scandinavia in Whistler, BC

Buffalo Bill's Bar & Grill - Whistler's Best Nightclub

It was a long week in Whistler. I admit that I have one of the coolest jobs out there, but a week of skiing, meetings, tours and dinners will wear out even the toughest trooper. Thankfully, Whistler has just what I needed – an afternoon at the Scandinavian Baths and Spa!

The Scandinavian Baths specialize in a process that cleanses the skin and releases the body’s negative energy, including chemicals absorbed from the air, water or food, as well as residual toxins from certain metabolic processes. Part of my trip including a night at Buffalo Bill’s Night Club….so needless to say, I was definitely in need of removing some “residual toxins.”

Scandinavian Baths has multiple outdoor pools and a great mountain backdrop.

The Scandinavian Baths are a collection of hot baths, cold baths/showers, saunas and steam rooms. Ten minutes in a hot bath or room and a rinse in a cold bath or shower is exhilarating. When this process is repeated 2-3 times the body becomes cleansed and relaxed.

After a couple hours at Scandinavian Baths, I was once again ready to go rock Whistler!

- Cameron Nash, Destination Expert


I was born and raised in the mountains of Utah and have loved the alpine environment my whole life. Whether I'm shredding down a mountainside, hiking up a trail or picking my mandolin in an alpine meadow, I am happiest when surrounded by mountains.

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