20,000 Bottles of Wine on the Wall: Bearfoot Bistro, Whistler

While visiting Whistler, I was impressed with one place in particular, Bearfoot Bistro. It boasts a whimsical fine dining room, custom made pewter champagne bar, Belvedere Ice Room and a wine cellar holding more than 20,000 bottles. Our group was fortunate enough to participate in the ancient ritual of champagne sabering, and to hear the history behind the tradition and the legacy of Bearfoot Bistro’s Cellar.


Later on in our trip to Whistler, two other girls and I returned to Bearfoot Bistro in pursuit of their famed Nitro Ice Cream. This treat includes whipping cream that is 4 times thicker than regular whipped cream, and fresh vanilla bean – that’s it. To make it, our server poured cream into a large metal bowl and then splashed liquid nitrogen over it, stirred it for a few seconds with a large wooden spoon, and then added a splash of water to loosen it up. He scooped out the ice cream into three metal martini glasses and gave us a platter of Sunday toppings. We topped off our ice cream with candied nuts, chocolate pearls, meringue kisses, raspberries, caramel and chocolate sauce. The Nitro Ice Cream alone makes Bearfoot Bistro a favorite in Whistler for me!


– Tori Neigel, Destination Expert



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