North or South Tahoe? Which to Choose?

North Tahoe and South Tahoe are very different from each other. I found that North Tahoe had much nicer accommodations and restaurants, but lacked in activities after 10:00 pm. I wouldn’t have any hesitation recommending it to families. I think it suits them more than South Tahoe.

North Tahoe in the summer

When I was in South Tahoe, I could see a culture change almost immediately. There is more of a city feel, with casinos, large hotels, and night clubs. The South Tahoe area is better equipped for the college crowd or people who want to stay right next to the lake in the summer.

The lights of South Tahoe at sunset. (photo courtesy of Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority)

The great thing about the two places however, is that they are only about a 45 minute drive from each other. So families who want to stay in a nicer, quieter area, like North Tahoe, can experience the great Heavenly Resort. And for those who want to get out for more than just a little après ski and help the Nevada economy at the casinos, they can get their fix of the more secluded resorts or visit the Olympic Park (Squaw Valley) in North Tahoe.

– Mike Lee, Destination Expert

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