A Teton and Yellowstone National Park Adventure

On Saturday morning, we woke up early and had breakfast on our patio overlooking horses across the street.  Our valet service took care of our vehicles and brought our cars around at the time we requested.  We first drove through Grand Teton National Park whose south entrance was right around the corner from Teton Village. This park was beautiful!!! There was a one time fee for your car to enter the park (for the next week) and it was also good for entrance into Yellowstone.  You could see the Tetons practically covered in snow; the landscape was jaw dropping.  We made a few stops by a beautiful river and at Jenny Lake where the water was crystal clear and one of our favorite backdrops for pictures.

We continued through the park seeing beautiful scenery and wildlife which probably took 1.5 hours including all of our stops.  We left the park and on the same road, just a few minutes away, was the entrance to Yellowstone National Park.  This park was just as gorgeous with so many different landscapes throughout Jackson Hole to Yellowstone.  We had no idea how big this park really was.  After we entered the park, it was about 40 miles to Old Faithful.  Thank goodness there were gas stations, food stops, and bathrooms along the way into these parks.  We grabbed some snacks and held off eating lunch for when we got to the cafeteria at Old Faithful Lodge where there were large open windows overlooking the geyser.  The food was amazing and we went outside during the predicted time when the geyser would erupt.

Of course it started pouring just minutes before Old Faithful went off. People started taking cover by running to their cars, but we had already staked out a place under the porch of the restaurant.  The geyser sent water high into the air. Since it was so cold, we couldn’t really see the water, but we could see the steam rise vertically into the air.  It was spectacular.

Since it was getting really wet and was hard to see any of the other sites in the park, we went back to Snake River Lodge through the Teton National Park.  It was still beautiful and we even saw some amazing wildlife such as bear, moose, deer, and elk.  It was amazing being in the park and seeing so many beautiful things around us.  We had such a great time and can’t wait to go back to Jackson again! Between the beautiful Snake River Lodge, Jenny Lake and Tetons, to the wildlife and Old Faithful in Yellowstone, we had a full weekend.

-Elise Pearson, Marketing Team

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