Utahan Seeks Out Poutine in Whistler

Poutine: Canadian favorite made with french fries, cheese curds and brown gravy.

Because of weather conditions and the time of year, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to ride Blackcomb Mountain, nor the famous peak to peak gondola on my last visit to Whistler. However, I was able to ride up the mountain to the Rendezvous Lodge and take care of another “site tour first,”: Canada’s own poutine. I can see why the name has traveled all the way down to Utah. Delicious!!!

Every run seemed to have great views of other mountains and the numerous lakes created a panoramic view that I’ll never forget. We visited Bearfoot Bistro, which has the Belvedere Vodka Ice Lounge, and toured the largest wine cellar I’ve ever been in. There were 18,000 bottles in the cellar, one of which only had one other bottle in existence, and the most expensive was upwards of $20,000. Once again, I was able to take care of a third “site tour first” on my list. This time, it was champagne “sabering” – opening a champagne bottle with a saber. If you get a chance, pull it up on youtube and try it out for yourself.

For snow enthusiasts there is still plenty of snow in May at Whistler Blackcomb.

Upon every property and restaurant, I kept asking myself, “So where are the cookie-cutter properties?” Well, after seeing over 25 properties in a week, I can say that Whistler’s definition of “cookie cutter”is very different. Nice, beautiful, quality properties seemed to be the only consistency between the different properties. It’s a great destination for both the college crowds and families. No matter if you are looking for a wild adventure or a peaceful time with your family, you are sure to have a great vacation in Whistler!

– Mike Lee, Destination Expert

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