Whistler First Impressions…Love It

As with most of our destinations, I went to Whistler with some expectations, but I wasn’t certain. Expectations like the size of the village, crossing the border into Canada, any possible culture shocks, and the Canadian night life. As it turned out, I was happily surprised at all of the things I wrongly expected. Flying into Seattle was great because we were able to see the Space Needle, Safeco Field, the University of Washington, and Qualcomm stadiums. Although we didn’t have time to go in or watch any games, it was nice to be able to see the size and quality of the buildings. Crossing the Canadian border, a “site tour first” for me, was seamless and there were plenty of rest stops to gas up or grab a bite before hitting the stretch to Vancouver and Whistler.

2010 Winter Olympics Monument

The drive to Whistler was a little winding, but the views trumped any negatives from what road conditions you may consider ideal. It’s not often that you can drive along the coast and see such beauty.

Upon arrival, I was blown away with how much larger and more lively the village(s) were than I expected. Even with the large size of the villages, they were all easily walkable. Additionally, there is a very punctual free shuttle system.

I loved how Whistler had shop after shop for any variety of taste you may have. Some of the top restaurants in all of Canada reside in Whistler villages and the locals love to get out and experience their town. We even came across our zipline guide who invited us to a costume party! With such a lively atmosphere and unique culture, it is no wonder that Whistler has become such a popular destination.

– Mike Lee, Desitnation Expert

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