America’s First Ski Destination – Still Classy as Ever

I drove from Salt Lake City to Sun Valley, Idaho for a quick getaway. The drive was relaxing with lots of wide open spaces and only took about 4 ½ hours. I drove past lava fields – yes lava fields in the middle of farm country!

Hailey (a town right outside of Ketchum) was beautiful. There were lots of trees and ranches – I thought to myself that it would not be hard to live in Hailey.

As I turned the corner off the main highway, I arrived in Ketchum which looked like a village out of a fairy tale – so warm and inviting. Just down the road was the Sun Valley Lodge. My first thoughts when I saw the Lodge was how peaceful and beautiful it was.

Lobby at Sun Valley Lodge

You are pampered from the moment you arrive at the Sun Valley Lodge. The parking attendants are so friendly and they make you feel like you are royalty. The staff at Sun Valley Lodge is kind, helpful and polished; they really know how to take care of people. My room was spotless and comfortable. Every day the maids made my room look as clean and inviting as the day that I arrived.

In the morning I would go to the lobby and drink coffee (with my lap top of course) in the quiet elegance of the lobby. I couldn’t get enough of it. I would spend at least an hour everyday in the lobby just taking it all in.

If you are looking for a place to escape the stresses of daily life, the Sun Valley Lodge will do just that. There is nothing quite as peaceful as sitting outside and admiring the beauty of the scenic landscape that surrounds the lodge.

Pool at Sun Valley Lodge

The outdoor pool is in a round, glass enclosed area (my daughter spent every spare minute in it). There is also an ice skating rink and in front of the lodge, there is a pond with swans peacefully gliding in the water.

There is also a hallway filled with pictures of all of the famous people that have stayed at the lodge – you do not want to miss this! As the first ski destination in the country, there is a lot of fascinating history. Just writing this makes me want to go back.

– Shauna Kapteyn, Destination Expert

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