Top 5 Arches in Moab

Moab, Utah is well-known for its many beautiful, natural arches.  In Arches National Park you can find over 2000 arches that span from tall and solid structures (like Delicate or Corona Arch) to arches with only a 3 foot window.

Delicate Arch
Delicate Arch is probably the most well-known arch in Moab.  You can find this magnificent arch on the Utah license plate and used as a significant landmark throughout the state.  The hike to Delicate Arch is a 3 mile round-trip that takes about 2-3 hours.  It is a moderately difficult hike with many drop-offs, especially when you get up by the arch. The best viewing time (especially for picture taking) is during the evening. You can go right up to the arch and take pictures by it. If you are not able to hike the whole way, there are viewpoints along the way where you can take pictures of the arch from a distance.

Landscape Arch
Landscape arch is about a 1.6 mile round trip.  This arch is extremely unique with its narrow archway that is as long as a football field. Unlike many of the other arches, Landscape Arch is fenced off to prevent people from hiking to the base. The hike is relatively easy and there are side trips to Tunnel and Pine Tree Arches.

Double Arch
Double Arch has two beautiful arches stepping from one location. The hike is .8 miles round-trip and you can go into the arch to see its many beautiful angles and views. This hike is really easy and quick since it is right off of the road. There is lots of shade underneath the arch to sit, relax, and enjoy the view.

Corona Arch
Corona Arch is about 15 minutes outside the entrance of Arches National Park off of Potash Rd. The round-trip hike is about an hour and has beautiful landscape.  This hike is a bit more challenging as you need to do some climbing and there are many steep drop-offs.  Even though this arch is not in Arches National Park, it was definitely one of my favorites to see.

Sand Dune Arch
Sand Dune Arch was another unique arch that was fun to see.  You hike through a short trail (.3 miles round-trip) of orange sand and through narrow-steep walls to get to the arch.  Many kids love going to this arch because of the easy, short trail, and because there is shade and sand to play in. This was definitely a very family-friendly hike.

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