Ski this Summer in South America

I know what you’re thinking; the words Ski and Summer do not go together. While traditionally this may be true, it just so happens that South America is in their prime ski season right now. So if you’re tired of the beach, or just can’t wait until winter to hit the slopes, venture down to Portillo, Chile and enjoy its legendary dry powder.

Besides the fact that we can ski there during our summer vacation, there are some other things that we love about Portillo as well. For one, Portillo is free of commercial expansion and is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Portillo also only allows 400 guests on the slopes at a time. When you are done skiing, you can enjoy the spa, pool, or hot tub as a perfect ending to your day. As beautiful as it is peaceful, Portillo is the ideal place to find serenity and enjoy the great outdoors.

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