“Good morning” says my friendly CME driver, Brandon, as he arrives at my doorstep at 4:30am. Brandon courteously takes my bags and puts them in the back of the brand new Mercedes Sprinter van that will be our chariot down to Denver this morning.   Brandon informs me that we will be picking up two more passengers before starting our 2 hr excursion down to Denver from Beaver Creek.  He tells me to make myself comfortable, informs me of all the features of the vehicle including WIFI, which all the CME vehicles now come equipped with, and lets me know to just ask him if I need anything at all.

The ride down to Denver is smooth and comfortable.  The other two passengers and I take the opportunity to get some extra sleep before our flights knowing that we are in the capable hands of our driver who has made sure to “fuel up on coffee already” for our early morning trip.

Upon arriving in Denver Brandon helps us unload and wishes all of us safe travels.  Thanks to our driver, we have all made it safely down to Denver and with plenty of time to catch our flights.  Thanks to CME the first leg of my journey was totally stress free.

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