The Secret to the Bars in Breckenridge



Let’s face it….Breck’s a party town. No use denying it or defending it. I just tried counting how many bars there are in town, but lost count in the 40’s. It’s what makes this town go. For each bar there are 5 to 10 people that make a living dishing out suds. It’s an all out war to see which proprietor does the best job and lays out the best bait to reel in the masses. Many are comfortable flying blind and stumbling up and down main street to see which has the best buzz or air about it. There are also many that are in the know and are honed in on who does what on which night and who is doing the ever popular “power hour” at 11:00 on a Monday where everything in the bar is a buck like at Cecelias. The best way to follow most of the deals is by glancing at the Summit Daily with their myriad of adverts enticing you to walk through their doors. Another way is by sticking to the one invaluable unfailing principle that’s never let me down over the years. Identify the bar you like and tip the bartender $20 for one beer…yes one beer. That guy will now be your best friend for life and will never forget your moment of generosity. Now your in and you no longer have to pay retail. This guy will be slipping you freebies for the rest of your days. Just don’t forget to repeat step one if you’re there for an extended time and you’ll never be in want again. Stay thirsty my friends.

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