Keeping kids healthy while travelling

keeping kids healthy while travelling

1) Wash hands

On your trip make sure your family, especially your little ones, are constantly washing their hands.  Not just before meals and after the bathroom, but all throughout the day and in between activities so they can keep healthy.  You can keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer or wipes with you in your purse or pocket so you can always be there to keep their hands clean.

2) Take Vitamin C

When you travel through airports, amusement parks, gas stations, or other public places, they can be dirty and full of germs.   Bring your kid’s vitamins with you on your trip or other kinds of Vitamin C (like chewable tablets or orange juice) to boost their immune system.

3) Get lots of rest

If you are running around or travelling all day, your kids are going to be tired and need to get their sleep.  If you are planning to be out for an entire day, find a time during the day

4) Drink plenty of water

Kids drinking lots of water can help your family stay hydrated and well, especially when you are doing physical activities or in a hot climate.  Keep bottles of water on you so when your kids get thirsty you can have water right there and a constant reminder to keep them hydrated.

5) Eat good food

Sometimes when families travel, they eat more unhealthy snacks and meals because of convenience and the excuse that they are on vacation.  When you arrive at your destination you can quickly go to the store and buy healthy fruits and vegetable packs especially if you have a fridge at the place you are staying.  When eating out, encourage your kids to get healthy meals and sides which can prevent tummy aches and feeling ill.

6) Safety

Safety is extremely important while travelling with children.  If you are going somewhere crowded, you can pair family members and friends together so they can stick with each other at all times.  Just in case someone gets lost, make sure you point out a meeting spot and have a way that you can be contacted (phone, walkie talkie).  Sunscreen is another safety precaution that is important.  When you are going outside, even if the weather is not too hot or the sun isn’t completely out, make sure everyone puts on sunscreen for protection.

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