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Jackson, Wyoming is one of my favorite destinations so we decided to take a trip up there over Labor Day weekend. We left the bikes behind on this trip to do some hiking in Grand Teton National Park. I booked a cabin at Elk Country Inn, which is right in town, and we were off.

On Saturday, we slept in and hit the park around 11am. The forecast looked like rain, so we chose a shorter trail starting at String Lake Trailhead and heading around the North side of Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls, which was beautiful. My favorite picture of the day came from the hike up to Inspiration Point after a rainstorm had rolled in.
Inspiration Point in Jackson Hole (Heading up to Inspiration Point in a storm)

After drying off from hiking in the light rain, we had a wonderful picnic lunch looking out onto Jenny Lake and the Grand Teton. The weather had cleared up, so we decided to do another hike around Two Ocean Lake. There were very few people out on the trail and we were lucky enough to see a moose about 50 yards away from us. Unfortunately, just as we hit the halfway point on the trail a thunderstorm came rolling in and it started to pour. We were 3 miles from our car and had no choice but to grin and bear it. It got really interesting when it started to hail, but luckily the hail wasn’t too big and didn’t hurt. The trail turned into a river and I had to accept that my shoes were as wet as they could possibly get and just trudge through the torrents. We got back to the car smiling and laughing around 8pm, thankful to be getting into a warm car right as it was getting dark.
Two Ocean Lake in Jackson (Two Ocean Lake with the storm rolling in behind me)

On Sunday, we walked to Pearl St. Bagels for breakfast, which had really good bagels. We walked around town for a while before heading towards the Leigh Lake Trailhead and hiked out to Trapper Lake. The weather was perfect and the trail was fairly easy with almost no elevation change. We spent about a half hour hanging out at Trapper Lake, then headed back to town. Our best meal of the trip was that evening at Trio American Bistro. The half chicken with heirloom tomatoes was my favorite and the basil mojitos are delicious.

Jackson Hole Leigh Lake in the summer (Leigh Lake)

We ended the trip by renting a canoe on Jenny Lake and made it all the way around the lake, stopping on a beach for a while to enjoy some fresh fruit. We ate lunch back at the car and were headed back to Salt Lake City.
Jenny Lake canoeing and activities (canoeing on Jenny Lake)

Jackson is a great place if you like to be outdoors and enjoy a cold adult beverage in the evenings. There is so much to do there: killer biking, skiing, hiking, fishing, boating, camping and hunting are all easily accessible and within minutes of the town square. If you haven’t been, you should put Jackson on your must-visit list!

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