Bear Watching in Mammoth Lakes

We found our first bear.

Don’t feed the bears. However, part of the adventure in Mammoth must include searching for one of the 48 black bears that live in and around town. Driving around from dumpster to dumpster after 11 pm can be as exciting as a haunted house.


The bears originally had a refuge in the golf course where they still sleep in the tunnels under the course. Once they awake they begin their search for food and will usually follow the same path each night. They will attempt to open a dumpster hoping that a tourist has left the dumpster unlocked. They are not known to be aggressive and will disappear in seconds if they notice you around.


Make sure and check out Animal Planet’s TV series The Bear Whisperer with local bear expert Steve Searles before you visit.


My Mammoth Bear

When our group was there we located a large bear at the resort maintenance shed. We had been searching over 30 dumpsters and were shocked when we turned on our lights and saw a big bear looking back at us. The picture above is the best shot I could get. =(


I really enjoyed Mammoth Lakes. There were so many summertime activities to keep me busy for at least a week.


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  1. ammyjohn says:

    Seems like the bear has some dumpster diving job to do.

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