Top Three Things to Do in Mammoth in the Summer

The Column Tops of Devil’s Postpile

If you’re planning a trip to Mammoth Lakes this summer, don’t miss out on these top three activities; hiking Devil’s Postpile, mountain biking on Mammoth Mountain, and getting spooked in the Ghost Town of Bodie.

To get to Devil’s Postpine, you will need to hop on the shuttle.   As the shuttle makes it’s way to your destination, be sure to sit on the driver’s side for some amazing views.  You will also notice a large area with fallen trees.  The damage was from a 200 mile wind that went through the area in the fall of 2012.  The amazing thing is that Mammoth Lakes had very little wind that same day.  After the shuttle stops, head to the trail head.  The hike is relatively easy with very little elevation gain.  Devil’s Postpine is a unique geologic formation and ranks as one of the world’s finest examples of columnar basalt. I would recommend hiking to the top of the Devil’s Postpine to see the view from the tops of the columns. The columns are very slippery so watch your step. The view is stunning!

Options at Mammoth

I would next recommend mountain biking on Mammoth Mountain.  You can take the lift to the top of the mountain and ride all the way down to the bottom. I would recommend using body gear because the trails have a good deal of loose, shale rock that will keep you alert and give the ride an extra challenge.  The trails are single-track but they wide enough for two bikes to pass. When you look from the top of the tram you have several trail options to get to the bottom. Mammoth Mountain does have a bike trail map so you can choose the perfect trail for your ability.

Ghost Town near Mammoth Mountain

Finally, a must see would be the Ghost Town of Bodie. This is a very interesting ghost town that really isn’t that old. The last person to move from this town was in the 1940’s. When you look through the windows into the interior of private residences or stores you will see remains of items as they were left. The town of Bodie was a thriving gold mining town in the late 1800’s and residences left when the mining started to slow down. The town had several brothels, saloons and gambling halls for the residences to spend their earnings.  All of them are interesting enough to peek at.  Make sure to bring sunscreen when visiting this town because you will want to be here for several hours.  I would recommend paying the $5.00 for a tour of the town with the ranger that lives there full time.  He can regale you with all the local stories and legends.

Destination Expert, Brenda Whitlock

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